WEEKLY FEES. League fees are $40.00 per Team per night. All forfeits must be paid. Team Captains are responsible for collecting these fees along with the score sheets for each match to be turned into the league. Each Captain is responsible for assuring that the score sheets are placed in team envelope and handed in at Sharkey's Wednesday no later than 18:00. Late sheets penalty: first offence; -1, subsequent offences; -4*.  If late 4 times: out of playoffs

RESCHEDULING MATCHES. Team captains will try to reschedule any matches not played for whatever reason as soon as possible. The league operator will reschedule any match in which the team captains cannot agree on a new date.

  • Bad Weather Policy: Severe weather warnings or travelers advisories are reason enough to reschedule a match.

  • Other: A 24 hour notice is required to cancel a match. The opposing team captain and league operator must be informed 24 hours in advance.

PLAYER FORFEITS. If a team is short players' for the nights match, the opposing team will receive 10 points per game from each forfeited player. Team handicap will be determined by removing the highest player average(s) from the non-forfeiting team’s total handicap for each of the missing players. Exception: In the event a player starts a match, but for some reason has to leave the match, the opposing team will receive (10) ten points for each of the games that the player is unavailable to play – unless the captains agree to allow that player to make up their games once they return or shoot-out.

STARTING TIME. Matches will start at 7:00 PM with a 15 minute grace period. Matches must start at 7:00 PM if "any" player from an opposing team is present. The 7:15 PM time limit is to be used when an opposing team has no players available to start the match at the normal starting time of 7:00 PM. If a team has no players available to begin play by 7:15 PM – that team forfeits. The league will leave it up to the Team Captains discretion if the opposing team has contacted them to inform them that they will be later than 7:15 PM. If there is a team forfeit, it is the responsibility of the team that is present to return the score sheet to Sharkeys Billiards & Bar indicating a forfeit. That team must pay $40 for the night and will receive 6 Points. The forfeiting team will owe the league $40 for their forfeit, which must be paid on their next night of play. Failure to pay for a forfeit will result with a -6 Total Points, for the team owing money, for every week that the money is owed.

LATE PLAYERS. Players that are not present at the start of a match must be listed last on the score sheet. After the completion of first round of play any “late” player or players have 15 minutes to report to the opposition score keeper. After that 15 minutes the “late” player will be considered a forfeit for remainder of the night. 

NO JUMP SHOTS OR MASSE SHOTS. (players cue must not exceed a 45 degree angle during shot attempt