Playoff Rules and Eligibility


1. All Teams in all Divisions are in the Play-Offs, unless specified otherwise by a Captain’s Meeting vote. If there is more than one Play-Off Group within a Division, Team placement is determined by Final Team Standings as of a specified date.

2. The league convener  reserves the right to place Teams in specified Play-Off Groups.

3. All outstanding Team Fees must be paid unless prior special arrangements have been made with and agreed to by the League Operator.

4. Every Player must have played the 6 weeks

5. A Player’s eligibility may only be challenged prior to that Player’s first game in the Match. If this is not done, the Player will be allowed to complete the Match. If upon challenge, the Player’s Eligibility cannot be confirmed to the satisfaction of the Play-Off Director, that player cannot play. No prior Matches played by such Player will be forfeited or replayed.

6. A Player’s identity may only be challenged at the start of the Match or any subsequent Round. The Player, upon challenge, has 15 minutes to provide a means of identification suitable to the Play-Off Director and/or the League Executive. If unable to do so, that Player cannot play, but the Team may substitute another confirmed eligible Player. Any games played already will count. If the Player’s identity is proven false, the Penalty is immediate Match forfeit. No prior Matches played by such a Player will be forfeited or replayed.